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We encourage you to share in the life and ministries of St. Paul United Church of Christ. Enjoy the experiences of this church with its rich heritage, dating back to the beginning of New Bremen in 1833. Please feel welcome to join into any of the diverse programs that appeal to you and to your family.

We the people of St. Paul seek to blend the great lessons of tradition with the new forms of faithful expressions. We enjoy the presence of several generations who together seek to grow as individuals, friends, spouses, parents, brothers and sisters, but most importantly as Christians.




Greetings, People of God!

As I am writing this, it is now mid-way through June and the weather has gotten a good deal warmer and more humid; but life is good here in New Bremen. The kids congregate at the pool in the afternoon to stay cool as many of us plan our family vacations for later in the summer. I admire everyone here in the way you go about your ministry with enthusiasm and professionalism. In many ways, this is a “well-oiled machine” with a strong tradition of reaching out into the community and the world.

It is, however, easy to get complacent when things are good and to pat ourselves on the back when things at the church seem to moving in a positive direction. We do not want to miss the ways that we can challenge ourselves and to reach those who we might have missed. I have been reading the popular book The Help that was also an Academy Award winning movie in 2011. Those of you who have read the book know that it takes place in the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi, a place of segregation and prejudice. Early in the story, a white socialite asks a black maid “don’t you ever wish things could change?”

What do we wish to change in our community and society? Here in New Bremen things are relatively good; employment is high, the cost of living is low (except for gas), the schools are good and our streets are safe, so there may not be much that we would want or feel that we need to change. But there is a rapidly growing cancer that is happening under our noses – human trafficking. Many of us would not be surprised to know that terrible and unfortunate things happen to women and children in Africa and Southeast Asia, but we would be surprised and alarmed to find out places like Toledo and the I-75 corridor are a hotbed of human trafficking activity.

The missing Nigerian girls have brought mainstream attention to this systemic and global problem. St. Paul has responded. In the spring of this year, you supplied a generous donation to the Polaris Project, an organization that is doing comprehensive work towards a slavery-free world. To continue what you have begun, Pastor Becky is spending significant time during her sabbatical volunteering and learning about human trafficking in the United States. We are going to take that journey with her. On Sunday, July 6, we are hosting Sister Mary Kuhlman, the Director of Sisters in Shelter, a facility that cares for victims of human trafficking in northwest Ohio. On August 16 and 17, we are hosting Professor Jacquelyn Meshelemiah from The Ohio State University who has done research in both international and domestic human trafficking. The evening of August 16, we are hosting a screening of Half the Sky, a documentary based on the book of the same title, which highlights several stories of survival, and hope from victims all across the world. For those interested, we have a few copies of Half the Sky in the church office. You are also in invited to Page Turners who will be reading this during the summer. Awareness is half the battle.

The scripture story on June 22 is about Hagar and her son Ishmael’s plight after being kicked out of Abraham’s family. Sarah, once rejected because she was unable to bear a child, is seen in this story in a position of privilege and power. Let’s not take the blessings we have received for granted by rejecting those who need a blessing themselves. Let’s not get in the way of God but instead seek to work with God by helping those who are most desperate.

Rev. Darrin Harvey





Facebook is an excellent way to stay in touch with one another. It has three helpful features: wall postings, private Instant Message chatting, and private inbox messaging. St. Paul United Church of Christ has a Facebook page online that is updated weekly. Pastor Becky also has a Facebook page. You are invited to “like” the St. Paul UCC/New Bremen page and to “friend request” Pastor Becky.



If you have a joy or concern you would like lifted up in prayer, the Prayer Chain is ready and available. Please contact Pastor Becky at 419.953.1152 or with your prayer request. You are also invited to join this growing ministry. All are welcome!



Sometimes prayers that weigh on our hearts and minds need to be expressed tangibly. A Prayer Tapestry is available in the sanctuary (near the refreshment table). You are invited to choose a ribbon or cloth from the basket that represents your prayer, weaving it into the tapestry. Together, our prayers are a thing of beauty!